personal project : gazette

category : art

gazette is a publication of non-semantic writing and drawings based on newspaper layouts. through the mass distribution and republication of information, media is often warped to the point of open interpretation, non discernible. the work examines our evolving relationship with technology and materiality by reinterpreting a platform traditionally used for the mass distribution of information. viewer becomes co-author by interpreting the illegible writing.​​​​​​​

ink and acrylic drawings web offset printed on newsprint.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
the work references faults in a.i. image generation software. primitive image generators often create illegible letterforms and symbols by stitching together multiple examples of typography. these a.i. generated images of text are referenced and hand drawn to create each artwork in gazette.
copies are available to purchase for $5 plus shipping. please send a message to to order.